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Thrifty Thursday Find: January 9, 2014

THBlogpostThis vintage coffee table at Treasure Hunters (pictured left) can easily be updated to match the style of your living room. If your home is more modern and you appreciate updated furniture as opposed to a vintage look, there are only a few steps to follow to make this coffee table look brand new.



Step 1:

Sand down the Table: Paint adheres to raw wood much more easily than wood with an existing stain, so sanding off the exterior is a must. An 80 to 100 grit piece of sand paper is appropriate for the job and can be used by hand or by using a palm or belt sander.

Step 2:

Apply Primer: Since this is a DIY project, you want the final outcome to look as professional as possible. Choosing the same brand of primer as the paint you will use will give you the best results. Apply primer with a roller, brush or spray can just as you would with paint.

Step 3:

Time to Paint!: It may take several coats of paint to achieve the look you want, so don’t be discouraged if your first strokes aren’t what you imagined. Before applying paint to your table, test it on a separate piece of scrap wood to see if the shade of color is right for you. If you are satisfied, take your paint to a brush or roller and see the magic happen.

Step 4:

(Optional) Stencil: There are many stencil patterns found on Etsy to make the top of this coffee table very unique. Pick a stencil pattern that fits your style and become your own artist.

Step 5:

Change Hardware: Switching hardware on furniture is much easier than you think. Be sure you have the correct sized screwdriver to remove the existing handle, and the correct sized screws to install the new one. Inexpensive modern hardware like the one pictured can be found at Etsy for only $2.50

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Painting tips found on http://homeguides.sfgate.com/paint-old-coffee-tables-54844.html

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