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Jan 292014

Thrifty Thursday Find: January 29, 2014

Wine bottles make such exquisite decor, it’s a shame to just throw them out after they’re finished. At Treasure Hunters, we have a lovely recycled wine bottle that has been converted into a unique lamp. Though it’s already marvelous as is, you could make some simple alterations to match your style. We love the Italian kitchen inspired wine lamp as featured in our photo. By adding a faux grape bunch to the neck of the bottle as well as crocheted material wrapped around the bottom, you can easily add more elegance to the piece. If your style is more fun and lively, you can opt to stuff the bottle with small white lights to illuminate it from inside. If you’re not a fan of the light blue shade on our wine lamp, simply replace it with one that matches your style. Etsy has hundreds of unique lamp shades found here that are sure to fit your needs. Check them out by clicking here.

Happy Hunting!



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