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Feb 272014

Thrifty Thursday Find: February 27, 2014

SHOE OVERLOAD! The saying goes that you can never have too many shoes, and while this statement may be correct for you, Treasure Hunters needs your help! We’ve just received a huge collection of heels of all colors and shapes, that are perfect for adding to your closet. Heels will always be a part of the fashion world that never go out of style and can complement a well-coordinated outfit. Whether you’re looking for business heels or party heels, we have them all here begging to be worn. If you’re worried about how you can possibly fit even one more pair of shoes in your closet without a complete shoe avalanche happening, we’re here to help. Check out these DIY ideas to store your shoes in the most cost AND space effective way. There should never be an excuse to limit your shoe collection!

1. Crown Molding


Source: HGTV

We love how this elegant blue detailed crown molding mounted on the wall doubles as a shoe rack.


2. Shoe Ladder


Source: Family Corner

Who says ladders are only used for climbing to higher places? Now we can use them for shoes. For all of the business women out there, we love this office inspired decor piece that successfully hangs and displays your heels.

3. Towel Racks


Source: Home Idea Maker

If you love the crown molding idea but want something less noticeable to hang on the wall, a towel rack is a perfect solution. They can be easily found in any hardware section in multiple colors and styles to match your home.


4. Wire Hangers


If you’re looking for the most cost effective way to organize your overloaded shoe collection, wire hangers are the best solution. Cut the hangers and bending the ends upwards to create a curve that your shoe can rest on.  This method can save you a ton of space and money. Once the shoes are dangling from the ends of the hanger, you can easily place the hanger into your closet just like any other clothing item.

Happy Hunting!  For more shoe storage ideas check out our Pinterest board.


Feb 192014

Thrifty Thursday Find: February 20, 2014

What’s better than a blank canvas to bring out your creativity? This table is here at Treasure Hunters begging for a makeover. Sure, you can paint it any color you’d like for a new look, but why stop there? By applying wallpaper to the table and stroking it with sandpaper, you can achieve a beautifully distressed design like the image pictured below. Floral wallpaper may be completely outdated for your walls, but we love how this can look on a table. Whether you’d like to switch up wallpaper patterns with solid paint colored stripes, or just use wallpaper all over the table, the final product is sure to come out amazingly. You can find all different types and styles of wallpaper on Etsy.


Step 1: Choose your Wallpaper – you can find all different types and styles of wallpaper on Etsy. Be sure to purchase the correct amount for covering the table. Since wallpaper is usually sold in quantities appropriate for covering walls, don’t purchase an unnecessary amount.

Step 2: Prime the Surface – wood primer should be available at any hardware store.

Step 3: Cut a Square of Wallpaper – trim a square that is about 6 inches longer that the table on all sides to ensure there is enough material.

Step 4: Begin Applying Wallpaper – make sure the adhesive on the back of the wall paper is damp, but not dripping. Then apply the paper and carefully press down starting in the middle and work your way out towards the ends. Since we will be distressing the table, no need to fret about imperfections such as tiny bubbles or wrinkles.

Step 5: Trim the Paper – using an Xacto knife and a ruler, trim the edges of the wallpaper to match the edges of the table top. Don’t apply too much pressure to the knife or the wood will be damaged.

Step 6: Sand the top – use a lower-grade grit sandpaper to begin with. Depending on the quality of your wallpaper, you may need a higher grit size to achieve the results you want.

Check out our Pinterest board for creative ideas.  Happy Hunting!


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