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Thrifty Thursday

Feb 272014

Thrifty Thursday Find: February 27, 2014

SHOE OVERLOAD! The saying goes that you can never have too many shoes, and while this statement may be correct for you, Treasure Hunters needs your help! We’ve just received a huge collection of heels of all colors and shapes, that are perfect for adding to your closet. Heels will always be a part of the fashion world that never go out of style and can complement a well-coordinated outfit. Whether you’re looking for business heels or party heels, we have them all here begging to be worn. If you’re worried about how you can possibly fit even one more pair of shoes in your closet without a complete shoe avalanche happening, we’re here to help. Check out these DIY ideas to store your shoes in the most cost AND space effective way. There should never be an excuse to limit your shoe collection!

1. Crown Molding


Source: HGTV

We love how this elegant blue detailed crown molding mounted on the wall doubles as a shoe rack.


2. Shoe Ladder


Source: Family Corner

Who says ladders are only used for climbing to higher places? Now we can use them for shoes. For all of the business women out there, we love this office inspired decor piece that successfully hangs and displays your heels.

3. Towel Racks


Source: Home Idea Maker

If you love the crown molding idea but want something less noticeable to hang on the wall, a towel rack is a perfect solution. They can be easily found in any hardware section in multiple colors and styles to match your home.


4. Wire Hangers


If you’re looking for the most cost effective way to organize your overloaded shoe collection, wire hangers are the best solution. Cut the hangers and bending the ends upwards to create a curve that your shoe can rest on.  This method can save you a ton of space and money. Once the shoes are dangling from the ends of the hanger, you can easily place the hanger into your closet just like any other clothing item.

Happy Hunting!  For more shoe storage ideas check out our Pinterest board.


Feb 192014

Thrifty Thursday Find: February 20, 2014

What’s better than a blank canvas to bring out your creativity? This table is here at Treasure Hunters begging for a makeover. Sure, you can paint it any color you’d like for a new look, but why stop there? By applying wallpaper to the table and stroking it with sandpaper, you can achieve a beautifully distressed design like the image pictured below. Floral wallpaper may be completely outdated for your walls, but we love how this can look on a table. Whether you’d like to switch up wallpaper patterns with solid paint colored stripes, or just use wallpaper all over the table, the final product is sure to come out amazingly. You can find all different types and styles of wallpaper on Etsy.


Step 1: Choose your Wallpaper – you can find all different types and styles of wallpaper on Etsy. Be sure to purchase the correct amount for covering the table. Since wallpaper is usually sold in quantities appropriate for covering walls, don’t purchase an unnecessary amount.

Step 2: Prime the Surface – wood primer should be available at any hardware store.

Step 3: Cut a Square of Wallpaper – trim a square that is about 6 inches longer that the table on all sides to ensure there is enough material.

Step 4: Begin Applying Wallpaper – make sure the adhesive on the back of the wall paper is damp, but not dripping. Then apply the paper and carefully press down starting in the middle and work your way out towards the ends. Since we will be distressing the table, no need to fret about imperfections such as tiny bubbles or wrinkles.

Step 5: Trim the Paper – using an Xacto knife and a ruler, trim the edges of the wallpaper to match the edges of the table top. Don’t apply too much pressure to the knife or the wood will be damaged.

Step 6: Sand the top – use a lower-grade grit sandpaper to begin with. Depending on the quality of your wallpaper, you may need a higher grit size to achieve the results you want.

Check out our Pinterest board for creative ideas.  Happy Hunting!


Jan 292014

Thrifty Thursday Find: January 29, 2014

Wine bottles make such exquisite decor, it’s a shame to just throw them out after they’re finished. At Treasure Hunters, we have a lovely recycled wine bottle that has been converted into a unique lamp. Though it’s already marvelous as is, you could make some simple alterations to match your style. We love the Italian kitchen inspired wine lamp as featured in our photo. By adding a faux grape bunch to the neck of the bottle as well as crocheted material wrapped around the bottom, you can easily add more elegance to the piece. If your style is more fun and lively, you can opt to stuff the bottle with small white lights to illuminate it from inside. If you’re not a fan of the light blue shade on our wine lamp, simply replace it with one that matches your style. Etsy has hundreds of unique lamp shades found here that are sure to fit your needs. Check them out by clicking here.

Happy Hunting!



Jan 222014

Thrifty Thursday Find: January 23, 2014

No matter where you live, its always fun to be inspired by places around the globe and incorporate them into the look and feel of your home.  One of our inspirations from around the world is a Safari theme. A rich color palette consisting of deep brown and shiny copper with pops of bright colors can bring the spirit of South Africa into your home instantly. At Treasure Hunters, we have this great safari inspired mask that could fit right into your themed room. Create a relaxing retreat that brings you half way around the world by mounting this mask on your wall and pairing it with other safari inspired decor items. Don’t love the colors or pattern on the mask? Easily update it to match your style by painting it over with few coats of your favorite safari color.


Aligning this mask as well as others found on etsy.com in a vertical line on a wall is sure to be a conversation piece and focal point of your room. Pairing the mask with earth toned pillows or a wood carved animal can help your room all come together to create a beautiful space such as the ones pictured below. Check out our Pinterest board for some of our favorite pairing with this signature style mask.  Happy Hunting!

Thriftythursday_Safari 2 ThriftyThursday_Safari1
Jan 152014

Thrifty Thursday Find: January 16, 2014

Not sure what to do with plates that look too fancy to eat food off of? Arranging vintage plates on a wall in any room can be used as elegant decor instead of using them for meals. Our Royal Worcester Plate at Treasure Hunters can be paired with other plates of the same vintage style to create a new look in your home. The image below demonstrates how you can transform a blank wall into a scene from a french country cottage. Follow these tips to successfully mount your vintage plates.


Step 1: Trace the plates & cut circles onto recycled paper.
Step 2: Arrange paper circles on the wall; this assures you will be happy with your arrangement when it’s time to adhere your plates to the wall. Play around with a few different layouts to see which is your ideal set up. Use painters tape to easily remove them without damaging the wall or the paint.
Step 3: Apply hot glue to the back of the plate.
Step 4: Stick a large metal paperclip to the hot glue: make sure it is sturdy and can be held by the paper clip.
Step 5: Use Command Hooks; place them directly above the paper circles. These hooks do not require any drilling into your wall and can come off easily.
Step 6: Mount paperclips onto the hooks and enjoy!


TreasureHunters #thriftythursday
Happy Hunting! Check out our #thriftythursday Pinterest board for more great finds!
Jan 072014

Thrifty Thursday Find: January 9, 2014

THBlogpostThis vintage coffee table at Treasure Hunters (pictured left) can easily be updated to match the style of your living room. If your home is more modern and you appreciate updated furniture as opposed to a vintage look, there are only a few steps to follow to make this coffee table look brand new.



Step 1:

Sand down the Table: Paint adheres to raw wood much more easily than wood with an existing stain, so sanding off the exterior is a must. An 80 to 100 grit piece of sand paper is appropriate for the job and can be used by hand or by using a palm or belt sander.

Step 2:

Apply Primer: Since this is a DIY project, you want the final outcome to look as professional as possible. Choosing the same brand of primer as the paint you will use will give you the best results. Apply primer with a roller, brush or spray can just as you would with paint.

Step 3:

Time to Paint!: It may take several coats of paint to achieve the look you want, so don’t be discouraged if your first strokes aren’t what you imagined. Before applying paint to your table, test it on a separate piece of scrap wood to see if the shade of color is right for you. If you are satisfied, take your paint to a brush or roller and see the magic happen.

Step 4:

(Optional) Stencil: There are many stencil patterns found on Etsy to make the top of this coffee table very unique. Pick a stencil pattern that fits your style and become your own artist.

Step 5:

Change Hardware: Switching hardware on furniture is much easier than you think. Be sure you have the correct sized screwdriver to remove the existing handle, and the correct sized screws to install the new one. Inexpensive modern hardware like the one pictured can be found at Etsy for only $2.50

Check out our #thriftythursday Pinterest board for more great finds!

Painting tips found on http://homeguides.sfgate.com/paint-old-coffee-tables-54844.html

Jan 022014

Thrifty Thursday Find: January 2, 2014

The 80’s are back in style with our featured #ThriftyThursday piece this week. This red over-sized boyfriend style peacoat will keep you warm all winter. Pair it with all black everything. Pants, boots, gloves, a scarf and your favorite classic black bag.  This will keep your look winter-chic with a unique attention grabbing pop of color. Whether you are heading to work, school, or just running errands around town, this preppy jacket is appropriate for everyday wear.

The model (pictured below right) in a strikingly similar coat made by Helene Berman that is priced at over $250! Make this look your own for only $10 at our Treasure Hunters Thrift Store and be the smartest shopper of the New Year. To see more ways you can wear this great red blazer check out our Pinterest board Happy Hunting!

Image Source: Daily Mail UK
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